Custom Nanoblock® Designs


About Nanoblock®

nanoblock® is a revolutionary Japanese invention that brings block building to a scale never seen before.

Get this, the smallest bricks are just 4x4mm, which gives each nanoblock® model the finest level of detail. I purchased the specially made tweezers which enable you to place each block in place. Each set you purchase comes with mind boggling instructions that helps create a variety of worldly creations, these include animals, famous buildings, instruments and so much more.

For me the real fun comes when you start to create your own monumental designs.

This will be my area to showcase some of them and maybe even inspire some of you to take up the challenge. It's a medium that gives impressive results and when you show your friends your finished models they will marvel at what you've built. Best of all it's fun and very addictive - in a good way.'

  • NOTE: Under Construction 2018