About Sparky Jones


With over 20+ years of graphic design under my belt I have worked and helped create opportunities for entities like Nike, Sphero/Ollie, Telstra, British Aerospace, Elders, South Australian Government, South Australian Tourism and Deloitte Digital.

In 2011 I was awarded mobile app of the year with my design work on the EzyReg app. Recently I worked on an app to teach primary / elementary school kids how to create, design and then 3D print their own concepts ( Makers Empire ).

I love creating worlds, visions and characters that no-one has ever seen before, my 3D work can be seen in retro music videos like Eiffel 65's Blue (da-ba-dee) and various TV series such as Farscape, assorted BBC Documentaries and video games. My alter ego is McSparky which I use when I create music.

  • NOTE: Under Construction 2018